Ab Blaster
Ab Blaster
Ab Blaster

Ab Blaster

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Intensify your workouts and increase your core temperature with the Kronos Athletics Ab Blaster which targets your core and the pesky fat we all struggle to burn off. The Ab Blaster improves thermogenic activity to help sweat fat right off. Made with:


  • Double Velcro for extra grip
  • Durable Overlock Stitching 
  • Non-slip Inside Surface designed to repel sweat and moisture
  • Fits up to 41 in waist

Can be great to burn fat or shed extra water weight to help make weight fast for a competition/meet.

Warning: Product contains Neoprene. Please do not use if you are allergic to Neoprene. Test product first if you are unsure and discontinue if you develop a rash. The Kronos Athletics Abdominal Blaster waist trimmer is designed to be worn during exercise and while it may provide some back support it is not intended for this use.